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Content Development

Content development is part of a long-term strategy that includes idea generation, topic research, writing, articulation, and publishing.

  • Strategic communications planning 

  • Idea generation, engagement, and tailored writing to support all tactics​ on all platforms.

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Crisis & Incident Management

Being part of the Emergency Response team at a hospital during the pandemic as well as several other crises has equipped me with the tools necessary to navigate even the toughest of storms.


As a strategic, critical thinking leader I quickly assess complex situations and develop a plan that addresses current opportunities and challenges. I thrive under pressure.

  • Advanced risk communications 

  • Change management

  • Reputation management

  • Issues management

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  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Digital Media

Digital media has quickly become the go to choice for engagement. To do it well you need to create a two-way conversation with your stakeholders using the right mix of tools.

I am highly proficient in most computerized settings including all Office 365 tools, web/HTML, Adobe Creative Suite and database management software.

  • Website and intranet development 

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media management

  • Graphic design



Every image tells a story. Photos and videos showcase your people and your work in an interactive way. 

I am passionate about developing storyboards that simplify complex ideas and bring them to life; whether through shooting video or capturing stills myself or working in collaboration with others.


I am always on the hunt for a great story. Let's capture yours!​

  • Stills 

  • Motion

Public Relations

Public relations is so much more than generating a positive public opinion. It is a strategy that ensures your stakeholders believe in your mission, vision, and values.

  • Stakeholder relations

  • Government relations

  • Media management

  • Advertising

Special Projects

Every project needs a champion. I am a highly organized and energized leader. I motivate others with a positive attitude and belief that the best work comes from hard work.

  • Project management

  • Event management

  • Evaluation and analytics

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